Quality & Sustainability Policy

Quality & Sustainability Policy

Petite Events Ltd facilitates the management of events across a wide variety of sporting, entertainment, business and leisure activities.

Petite Events is committed towards a top-quality service to their clients, through tailoring their offering to the clients’ needs.

Our passion for creating unique experiences for our clients is second to none.

Petite Events is committed to the continual improvement within our quality, and event sustainability system and to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and to ISO 20121:2012.

Our intent is to provide the highest standard of service and quality supplied to our customers. At Petite Events we are committed to providing our clients with:

  • Peace of mind that when entrusting us with running their event, they will consistently achieve their specific goals and objectives from each event.
  • An event sustainability management system that focuses on Sustainable development principles as defined within our statement of purpose and values

We have the feedback mechanisms in place to gather information about our customers experiences and preferences and are committed to regularly analysing this information so that we can make the necessary changes to improve our services and to enhance Malta & Gozo as a travel destination.

We recognize that the quality of our service depends on the everyday actions of our team, and on the level of professionality of our suppliers. Petite Events is committed to communicate with all stakeholders their roles within the company’s integrated management system, and to develop our personnel’s skills through training and mentoring in both their professional and vocational interests.

Date: 27th July 2021