Petite events want to increase awareness regarding sustainability and we want to help reduce environmental impacts as much as possible. In order to do that in our event and also in-house we have ‘set’ certain rules.

Event Sustainability

– Giving a reusable bottle

Upon each guest on his arrival. Have large 20L dispense water tanks in meeting rooms instead of bottles.

– Offer ecological notepads and pens for conferences

Rather than clients using hotel notepads and pens during meetings.

– CSR events

We have the right suppliers for doing CSR events.

– Printing Menus

When printing menus, we avoid printing one per person where possible and we always use recyclable paper.

– Avoid plastic and reuse towels

At events we try to avoid plastic and use canvas bags. Use refreshing towels from hotels rather than disposable towels.

– Have recycling and composting bins

In every event where possible. The aim is to help the ‘waste’ collection companies to dispose of waste correctly.

– Cigarette butt bins

Offering this to the client for their events. Portable pocket ashtrays can also be offered as another option.

– Promote conscious transport options

Use less emissions transportation, cycling or walking

– Portable toilets should use ecological products

Rather than the traditional, formaldehyde-based chemicals

– Reduce energy consumption

We always ask suppliers to use LED lighting where possible. Choose low impact materials in procurement.

– Contribute to the community

Buy local and use local goods, source workers locally

– Building awareness

Communicate our sustainability policies with our suppliers and also use social media to create awareness.


– Bring our own reusable bottles/cups/mugs

We have a 20L dispense water in our office in order to avoid disposables.

– Use the right bins

We have 4 types of bins as per our waste service system required in Malta. Staff separates their wastage accordingly.

– Teas and Coffees

All teas and coffees are consumed in our kitchen and are organic or fairtrade.

– Biodegradable products

All soaps and cleaning products used at the office are Biodegradable.

– Reduce water use

Use the taps in consideration

– All lights switched off

Charging the laptops are only used at the time of necessity. At end of day, all lighting including PCs are switched off.

– Natural Light

We try to use natural light when possible in our offices.

– Paperless

We try to be paperless as much as possible, when we have the need to print, we print on double side print or reuse print for rough. We do online registrations, invoices by e-mails and work on our laptops.