The Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie film “By the Sea” will have a huge economic impact on Gozo, which is said to generate millions of euros, the Home Affairs and Tourism Ministries said.
Both Malta and Gozo are generating an immense amount of interest in the international media, and this will leave a positive effect on Malta’s tourism sector, the Ministries argued. “Over the past months, the film industry took a leap forward”. International companies are investing millions of euros into the economies of Malta and Gozo as well as creating hundreds of jobs, the Ministries added.
“This economic impact as well as the jobs created would not be possible without the public’s cooperation, and due to Mgarr ix-Xini being used as the main site for this film, it will be closed to the public from August 18 to November 10,” they said.
Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia along with Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis thanked the public, the various entities and local councils involved.